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What we do…


Starting at £100 / month for a guaranteed 4 hour response to any issues you can rely on us to just ‘make it work’. Utilising remote access and 4G fail-over the majority of the time we can fix problems without any expensive call out fees, saving you time and money..


When things are installed the right way…they simply don’t break. Whether it is datacentre infrastructure, server hardware or even a simple network cabling install let us build you something that will last.


In today’s networked environment security has never been so important. Whether you need penetration testing, security certification or an upgrade to your existing defences, we can keep your data where it needs to be.


I.T. Maintenance. Pretty racy stuff. If you are  excited by GDPR regulations, website updates, antivirus coverage and installing the latest security patches then you probably don’t need our help.
On the other hand…


Moving from on-premises servers to either AWS or Azure? Taking the middle road with a hybrid cloud – balancing your workload between your on-site VMware and cloud? Or maybe you are still oldskool and simply want to co-locate your servers. We have data-centre space in both Brighton for those who want to keep it local and in Centurylink in London.


Whether you want to move your messaging to Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, set up hosted Microsoft Exchange, implement large IMAP mailboxes, or even a combination of these working across a single domain, we can help with set-up, migration and day to day maintenance.


WIFI is easy?  Not always. We specialise in large area mesh networks. We can also help you when your corporate wireless wont work, whether it be RF interference or coverage and dead spots. We can also implement secure customer wifi for your business – complete with user capture and social media integration.


The most basic of IT needs – the wires themselves. If you need cabling infrastructure installed into your offices or need to do away with wires completely and install point to point wireless between buildings – we can help.